Duplicate listings in trash / Move To Folder function

Hi GS team! When a listing is in the “Deleted Listings” folder it can not be duplicated. You have to drag it out of the folder, duplicate it, then drag it back. It would be helpful if you could duplicate it while it is in the trash.

Also, I have many folders and lots of listings. Moving individual listings between various folders can be quite time consuming. If there was a way to right click a listing/listings and have a “Move To Folder…” function to immediately drop it in the selected folder that would be a good time saver.


The second option would be much useful, but I don’t think the first would be too. Why would you need to double deleted listings??

I often need to list new items that are similar to ones that previously sold and are being “stored” in the trash. So I go to the deleted listings folder to duplicate the old similar listing. I keep things in the trash folder so they won’t interfere with my smart groups, since items in the trash don’t show in smart groups. Definitely a lot of little complexities!

Uhm yes, trash used as store is maybe a bit complex :smile: if you don’t want sold items to be displayed in smart groups, in my opinion you should add "status - is not - sold "… and that (should) be it…

You are right! I’ve thought of that option, but for simplicity and safety with the way my listing habits work, I keep all old listings in the deleted folder. As you know there have been lots of bugs and glitches with the new GS, including with smart groups, and they are still working some of them out as they are discovered. I can’t deal with the risk of having the info in smart groups be incorrect, so the trash is my “safe place”. I don’t see why you shouldn’t be ABLE to duplicate an item in the trash, I think it is just a setting they have to fix.

Hopefully they will see this and fix it! :smiley:

@etb222 uhm saying the trash is a “safe place” sounds a bit strange :sweat_smile: in this way you cannot delete listing or you may risk to delete also good listing, besides if you use the auto-restart feature you must have the trash full and this slows down the application. Anyway, to be honest, I think a fix of some smart groups’ bugs would be resolved for all :grinning:

We modeled GaragSale’s behavior after Apple’s Finder, which doesn’t allow duplicating trashed items either. I find this behavior quite reasonable.

Maybe we should allow copying and pasting items as Apple’s Finder does.

In the meantime, maybe following this path might be a little less cumbersome:

  • Select multiple listings (even if you only want to move a single one to a different folder)
  • You should now see thumbnails of your listings in right hand view
  • Now scroll the left-hand outline view until you see the desired target view
  • You can now move listings from the right hand view to a folder on the left side by dragging their thumbnails.

Hope this helps,

@ilja I understand about the trash folder.

As for copying and pasting items like Apple Finder, wouldn’t that still leave the original in place and just put a copy of it in the new folder, not actually move it? Not sure how easy it is, but if you could right click on listings in the left panel and have an option with a pull-down to select the “Move To” folder that would be ideal in my opinion. Kind of like the pull-down for selecting which folder to move originals to after an automatic restart, but in right-click menu form?

I don’t really see the benefit of this solution. How would you choose the destination folder after having selected the “Move To” command?

Sorry, I didn’t explain it very well! Imagine in the screenshot below that there was another option that looked like this, but said “Move To Folder”, and then showed a list of all your folders. You click the folder name you want to move it to and it’s done! This way you don’t have to drag past hundreds of listings to move something to a different folder.

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