Duplicate move to trash not working

Hey everyone, so i have ended all my items couple days ago to now relist then, when i click start listings this comes up… so i thoguth great, done them all… now i have 2 of everything?? doesnt move to the trash

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 12.46.11

I just tried it here and tried to start an ended listing: The original listing was correctly moved to the trash.

Are you sure that the selected listing has already been ended - or could it be that it still active?

Regards, Kristian

Hey Kristian. Could you try this… as this is when it happens for me… If you select a few items at the same time that are in smart folders, the dont go to the trash…

yes 100% ended.

All the best

I see. I amassing the reason might be that items in a smart group can’t be moved manually.
If you select the “original” items inside the LISTINGS section it should work as expected.

Regards, Kristian

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