Duplicated Listings

Happened to me two, three times now, I end up with duplicated listings in the software, and the only way I fixed it in the past is manually search, read and select duplicates, which is a hell. Today, I made another mistake, trying to download 100 new listings, created from a co-worker in Ebay, I selected 200 others without noticing, only after hitting the button Download I saw many more selected … before I succeeded to quit the application a huge download has been made. So now I have a lot duplicated listings to fix, was wondering is there any option/smart folder that can automatically select same listings, sounds like something that can easily done in a software, but I don’t know how and I desperately need to find out. :smiley: Thanks again!

Sorry, I don’t fully understand.

Where did you download these listings from?

How did you import the listings created by your co-worker into GarageSale?

Where’s the Download button in GarageSale you are talking about?

Downloaded from My Ebay - File, Import, Import from My Ebay, then select particular listings, Import (not Download, I am sorry) I used the command + select to check the tick boxes all at once, didn’t work, so I remembered it was Shift + select. Selected all I wanted, I hit Import Listings. Right away I have noticed that tons of other listings were selected too, I am 100% sure those weren’t selected when I went to hit Import Listings, but obviously I did something to achieve that. Cancelled the operation right away, but at the bottom of GS, where the newly imported listings were pilling on each other, the operation just went on. Before I succeeded to force quit the software, there were a lot of old listings imported, mixed with those that were already present in the software + the new ones, freshly created in my Ebay and some Prepared listings, that I worked with the day before (no idea how they got in here, they were never created in Ebay).

So that’s my sad story in more details. I manually checked in the search box some of the listings if they are duplicates or not, found a lot of them weren’t but some were, so I deleted them. Not sure if I got them all, isolated the pile in a Group, to see if there is a automatic way to find duplicates in the software.

I tried to replicate the problem, but I couldn’t. Here is what I tried:

  1. Select a few listings in GarageSale outline view
  2. Open the “Import from My eBay” panel and import a listing from eBay
  3. Close the import panel

In the outline view, only the newly imported listing was selected, all the listings that were previously selected were no longe selected.

If you process is different, please let me know.

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