Duplication of photos within a template

I’ve had this intermittently since starting with Garage sale.

When switching between editor and preview mode, quite often a string of HTML gets added to the end of the listing which results in the photos being duplicated in the listing. I’ve done a screen grab on a simple one of these:

The result show a duplicated placeholder but can be a full set of photos.

Is there a setting I could change to stop this?


did you maybe insert your own HTML in the Editor mode or in the footer field in the GarageSale preferences>Advanced? If so you should make sure it’s valid.

However, could you let me know:
• Which GarageSale version is this?
• Which listing design and which layout option?
• What do you have entered in Editor mode / in the footer field?

Regards, Kristian

I have recently done an HTML/ CSS layout for my page, but this has happened intermittently since I started selling on eBay back in 2012.

Current Version of GS is Version 6.9.7 (625).

I use the pro-universal layout option with the 1st on top selection. Here is a current auction using my format with greatly simplified format from the last time you looked at it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OXXFORD-100-Cashmere-Blazer-Jacket-Sports-Coat-Gray-Blue-w-Check-Size-42L-USA-/252191652341?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

This is what I have in the Advanced footer field (which you provided a couple of years ago): #gs-design.gs-prouniversal {background-repeat: repeat !important;}

I’ll look for an older auction where this happened to simplify the trouble shooting.

I have experimented with all sorts of things with this new format, including adding the CSS for the body to the footer above. (it works).

I have taken out html format out of p styles, but often, switching back and forth adds back in either text-align or adds font properties to inherit.

I’ve even experimented with break points to make it more responsive, and that even seems to work. (scheduled a test template to see how it looked on my iPad and iPhone).

Been a great learning project for me. Sort of like a kid with a new toy. Saving the responsive stuff for version 7.


Hi jb,

I had a look at your custom HTML that you inserted. I verified it with my HTML Editor here and got many errors. Many of your tags are not closed/missing. You should make sure that you only insert valid code. Invalid code might cause the issues you described earlier.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian,

This is why I was looking for the older format, but unfortunately have been working today and not able to spend much time on it. Until the last 2 months, I put in all my info into the preview screen with one exception. I use a different measurement guide image on each type of item, and I found that was easier to cut and paste onto the editor mode.

The only style info is: #gs-design.gs-prouniversal {background-repeat: repeat !important;} which was placed into the footer. you provided that back in 2012.

But thanks for the tip on looking up the editors. Which editor do you use. I use textwrangler, but for this, I did everything in Mozilla thimble to see the changes in real time. My file doesn’t show any open tags, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few.

The following is an example from an old template (pre-editor mode) for me. Note how it adds random style info from the hidden stuff.

#gs-design.gs-prouniversal {background-repeat: repeat !important;} .gs-prouniversal .gs-storeNameSlogan {background-position: top center !important} .gs-prouniversal .gs-sideClearance {width: 22% !important;} #gs-design.gs-prouniversal {background-repeat: repeat !important;} .gs-prouniversal .gs-storeNameSlogan {background-position: top center !important} .gs-prouniversal .gs-sideClearance {width: 22% !important;}

All the style info above was added in and its an old master that doesn’t have any of my html/ css changes.

Last question for now, the design template utility. I paste HTML into the code screen and it shows as blank, though the preview info is right. Is there a trick to that?

Thanks again



Still working to purge errors from my html as you recommended. I’ve taken my simplest listing body and run it through a couple online html checkers. As this stands, no errors are reported.

However as you can see in these screen capture, I input the html on the left into the template (body content), and invariably it adds HTML style information to several tags.

Do you know why GS appends that style information?