"DURATION INVALID" out of the blue

Tonite after listing successfully 250 plus - 5 day “BUY IT NOW” , suddenly
I started getting this error : DURATION INVALID" The duration “5” day(s) is not available for this listing type, or invalid for category “176985”.

I can switch it back to ‘auction’ style but that’s not what I want as my Ebay promotion
allows Buy It Now, and like I said I had listed 250 ‘BIN - 5 Day’.

What’s going on ? I lost half my promotions due to this error.

It appears I listed before the Time Zone switch to Ebay CANADA with the new - “GOOD TIL CANCELLED” and they removed options for 5 days for example. So when I went to finish listing the rest of my 500 promotional items… whatever Time zone ebay is in, or however that side functions must have switched off the Canadian EBAY ability to have 5 day BUY IT NOW.
I’m not 100% but I think that’s the problem I have had experience : https://esellercafe.com/ebay-postpones-good-til-cancelled-in-canada-until-july/

On eBay.au, GTC is the only option for BIN. However, if I list with 7 days by error the listing goes through. I then get a warning some days later.

Yeah, thanks for your experience. It simply was listing coincidentally at a ‘transition’ (I hope I was clear) …and they removed the option for BIN to be within 3 - 5- 7 days (so on) to emulate Ebay.com (USA) where it’s only Good til cancelled (from what I understand) There was no error for the first batch. Ebay’s naming structure is a bit confusing and I wonder if that’s intentional. Like Buy It Now has two names.

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