Ean code , categories and default rules error

I insert a new item on my inventory just one variation with EAN cod.
Than I created a new acution selecting the item from the inventory.
I added all the information (price, shipping cost, MPN ect.)
When I start the upload I got following errors message reported on the image attached.

Please note I insered the right ean code reported on the packaging that is 817311010174 but I get the error.
I tryed to add a Zero before: like 0817311010174 but still get an error.
In both cases the massage (attached) it reported a EAN code with 2 Zero before the EAN code 817311010174.

Also it warning me about categories it seems it does not accept variation.

Another issue come up if I select someone of the default rules (already set on Ebay) for Payments, shipping and return polices I still get errors.

For example I choose I rules with express shipping but I get the following message:

I have been wondering if I’m doing something wrong? :slight_smile:

Can you please post your listing so we can investigate? Here’s how to do it:

  • Select your listing in the outline view and choose “Export Listings” from the “File” menu
  • Save your listing to your desktop or some other place where you can easily locate it
  • Right click your exported listing and choose “Compress …” from the context menu
  • Upload the compressed listing with .zip suffix to this thread. You can just drag the file into a reply box in this forum

Ean code , categories and default rules error GRANDANGOLO LENS PER IPHONE 5 5S.gslisting.zip (10.9 KB)

Thanks for the listing. Seems GarageSale is offering variations for the selected category, but eBay rejects the listing upon verification saying that variations aren’t supported in that category. We have to do some research, why GarageSale offers variations in that category at all.

I was able to get through the eBay verification once I removed the variations setting from the listing.

Hi I have following trouble.

Defaut rules (Shipping and Profile) on the option setting offer the possibility to use a default profile that they don not work.
Also If I set “Don’t use” and I insert all information one by one I still get this message:
Here is the listing:

Sorry, there was no listing attached to your post. Maybe you forgot to turn into a zip file first?

Please note that eBay changed it’s policy: You can only use shipping, payment and return profiles together, and not any of the alone anymore. So, make sure you don’t have a payment profile selected.


Thanks for the listing.

You need to turn off the payment policy and choose Payment options manually. Either that, or you have to choose shipping and return profiles, too.

I made manually! thanks

I have another problem cos price can’t be updated.
if I modify price from inventory listings and I try to revise listing Acution does not keep the price change.