eBat Motors VIN Number Error

I am trying to place a car auction on eBay Motors and I keep getting an error that states "A valid VIN number must be entered. It shows the main title box in the error message. I entered the VIN in the “Manufacturer’s Part Number” field and even put it in as the title… No good!

eBay has a “VIN Number” field on the site, in the top part of the listing, but there isn’t one in GarageSale. How do I get by this error?

There should be a VIN filed in “Attributes” window. You get there by opening the inspector and click the magnifying glass next to “Attributes” on the first tab.

All I have found is the “manufacturer’s Part Number” field I mentioned before. I changed the title to VIN Number and it has the number in it. That does not fix the problem.

Hi edmac,

In the item specifics add a new custom attribute, name it VIN and enter the VIN number. eBay should then recognize it as the VIN value.

Regards, Kristian


That fixed it! I don’t understand how that solution was different from adding the VIN under Manufacturer’s Part Number changed to VIN, but it apparently was… Maybe you should include a VIN field in the specifics.

Thanks for the help!