eBay Error Stops GarageSale: Fix Possible?

This must’ve been something that changed with the last update, and it’s driving me crazy and wasting a lot of time.

If I am uploading a bunch of auctions and there is just ONE SINGLE internal error, I have to shut down the Launch Control and re-try the uploads.

Many of eBay’s internal errors are absolutely random, and all that needs to be done is to re-upload.

But because it’s random, there will frequently be a different one of the bunch that has the error.

I sometimes have to re-upload 6 or even 7 times before there are none.

So my question is this: Is it possible to do something so that the GS interface either allows the submission to go through and let the eBay side nix it, if indeed it is an error? Or perhaps give us a way to remove the submission with the error on it and let the other hundred or so to go through, allowing us to re-try the single one without having wasted all that time repeatedly trying to submit until the internal eBay error doesn’t show up on any of them?

I assume this error appears during the verification stage?

What’s the version you are using? 7.0,7 or of the 7.0.8 beta versions?

7.0.8c8 (803).

(And this is because the message needs to be at least 20 characters before I can post this.)

Here is a quick fix version for you, which will stubbornly retry verification up to 5 times for each item in case eBay return “internal error to the application”. Please use that until we release the next beta version and let us know if helps:


Thank you, ilja! I’ll give it a try,

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