Ebay Live Items Garage Sale live are Not Equal

I am trying to compare the listings that eBay has to my Garagesale. They do not match, ebay has more live listings than Garagesale. I tried comparing ebay by title to garage sale by title today, it took me 12 hours, and I only found 1 item. ebay is still showing 7 more. that doesn’t sound like a lot, but when those 7 sell, that means 7 defects for not having the item in stock. Is there an easier way to do this? I have 6600 items for sale. Thank you

I found a way to find the missing listings. Do an IMPORT from ebay search in the File drop down menu. Let it run and get all the listings available. In the bottom left corner click the sprocket and check these boxes.I found the one that was running on ebay and not on Garage Sale 8 It should return the 7 missing listings. Don’t click “Hide auction listings” if you are running auctions. Then click the “end date” to organize by end date and the ones running are the missing listings.

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AWESOME That worked…the difference between my listings happened when the internet had a blip. Now I am equal… Thanks for figuring that out!!

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