eBay Pictures Not Updated

I recently changed the images for a multi-quantity fixed price item and told GS to update the pictures on eBay and update the description for the embedded image. eBay pictures were not updated, but the embedded versions were. I then instead tried having GS revise the entire listing, but eBay pictures still did not update. I needed to manually update them on eBay.

I am guessing this is a issue with eBay’s servers. I seem to recall this working before, but as of late it does not. I am curious if they have made any recent changes with their API to cause any issue.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll try to replay you scenario and see if we can find out something.

After a couple days it worked for one auction and then later in day it refused to work for another so I am guessing its another one of eBay’s so called “glitches” that they never seem to fix.

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