Ebay Quantity issue

Hello All

I have just today enabld out of stock feature on my ebay store but I cant seem to set a quantity of zero in my garage sale listing, it always set it as 1 can someone help please


out of stock issue - anyone ???

Why would you ever want to display something that isn’t even available for sale?

Sorry, GarageSale cannot use eBay’s API to revise a listing to zero quantity. I just coded a quick test, and eBay returns an error when you send a ReviseRequest with a quantity of “0”.

In answer to your question Brian for the same reason ebay has implemented the out of stock policy and thats cause I sell products that frequently come in and out of stock depending on availability, so having to keep killing off your listing and re listing is annoying and counterproductive so I was hoping that seeing Garage sale is not freeware I would of got a better response that was has been offered here.

I would of thought that if ebay offer this to their customers, is it that hard to have it coded into the next version of GS, obviously yes is the answer I am getting.