EBay Shop Categories and Sub Categories


I have just switched to Version 7 and notice that my shop categories are correctly in alphabetical order - The sub categories however are not and appear random.

How do i fix this?


Can you post a screenshot of where exactly in GarageSale the order of the subcategories is not alphabetical?

Do you have the “Sort store categories alphabetically” checkbox checked in Preferences > Accounts?

Screenshot as requested and yes the sort categories automatically is ticked - the 1st level categories are fine - its the sub categories that aren’t.


Any Answer Guys?


Sorry, for the delay. We are still busy working through the back log from the weekend.

Can you please let me know what design and layout you are using?

I am using Pro Top Seller Thumbs Left - is that the info you need?

Can you please verify if this version fixes the issue with the store category sorting:


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