eBay Store will not load

My eBay store will not load into GS as I try to launch a new GS session.
What do I need to do to overcome this problem?

Hi LocalJoeHero,

could you describe the problem more specific, please?
Are you trying to download your eBay store ctaegories in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts?

Maybe this help page answers some of your questions:

Regards, Kristian

After activating the garageSale Icon in my dock, the screen pulls up and the side templates come up,but the screed stays black and the phrase “ Loading Store… “ continues o run and the round flower petals continue to rotate.

OK, so I tried something new.

I actually clicked on one of my templates and it came up……but usually the “ Loading Store… “ is never stuck,and the last template I worked on appears after a very brief “ Loading Store… “

Problem may be resolved, but it does not seem right.

Local JoeLocalJoeHero@Yahoo.Com