eBay's new policy wont allow picture in description to open a new window!

Trying to abide by eBays new ‘remove contact information from listings’ policy

How do I update the photos so that they don’t have links in them?

Im using 2 different template, Top Seller and Mainstream,

Thank you in advance for your time,

This is what you should do:

  1. Please download the latest beta version of GarageSale 7.0.9 from here:
    GarageSale 7.0.9 Beta 6 Released

  2. If you’re using a design from the Design Store, please update it as well:
    Select “Show Design Templates” (Window menu), click on the cart icon in the toolbar and enter your transaction ID to re-download your design(s).

  3. To make sure there’re no additional links or http content in your item description you can use the “Repair Image Links” command from the Listing menu.

  4. Revise your listings to make your listings compliant to eBay’s new policies.

If needed, you can revise multiple listings at once.
Once revised from within GarageSale 7.0.9 all the listings will be eBay compliant.

For more info, please see our FAQ entry #1 here:

Regards, Kristian


sorry but I upgraded to the latest beta garagesale 7.0.9.
I use a free template Croos stripes (black).
And I can’t re-download this. I use the transaction ID given with the invoice of the garagesale 7 upgrade

Jean Sebastien

Only purchased designs need to be re-downloaded to get the latest version.
The built-in designs are already updated in GarageSale 7.0.9. No need to re-download anything so.

Regards, Kristian

It all worked great!

Thank you Kristian,