Editing/ duplicating templates issues, format bar MIA

We have been having problems editing templates, especially when we drag in photos. The text format bar becomes inactive and we can not click within the text box to change the type. This will also happen when we duplicate a template. We have been using Garage Sale for years but have been having problems since we upgraded to Yosemite.

What version of GarageSale are you using?

Can you try to capture the issue with a screen recording? You can use the “New screen recording” command in the “QuickTime player” application to record one.

I did a screen recording. I tried to keep it short. If you need
clarification please let me know.

Currently we are using version 6.9.6b4

Thanks. Now all I need is a way to get my hands on your screen recording. Can you please upload it to YouTube, Dropbox or iCloud? If it’s small enough you might try to upload it to this forum directly.

Here is the video on You Tube:

Some more notes:
We created a new template to use yesterday, and it was fine. I closed Garage Sale, and when we reopened the app today the new template had the same problem (images moved, unable to edit text). I am wondering if I should uninstall all versions of Garage Sale and re-install? This has really slowed down our listing capability.


could it be that you’re using your own HTML code?

If you switch to GarageSale’s Editor mode are there

tags around your text?

Feel free to export the auction template in question to the GarageSale support so we can have a closer look at it.

Regards, Kristian