Editing in search issues

This has been mentioned within other posts but it deserves its own…

I have a couple of issues with the new search.

  1. Search results are no longer listed alphabetically which makes it very hard to edit them in order or to find a particular one in a large search.

  2. Not being able to duplicate a listing within the search results is extremely frustrating.

Thank you, your customer service and the way you listen to your users is amazing.

What would you expect when you hit Duplicate while in search mode? Should GarageSale:

a) leave Search mode and display the Duplicate in the regular hierarchy
b) stay in search mode and display the Duplicate below the original

Hi. Thanks for answering! In GS6 it would list the search alphabetically and would place the duplicate just under the original. It was perfect for me as it could unite all of my folders for group editing. Now it is all jumbled.

Note: the duplicate would also be nicely placed in the same folder as the original after the search was over.

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