Editing inventory in the list mode

I would like to enter titles and other information for multiple items. I have made a number of listings that are now all titled “untitled” with no sku, pricing or quantity. By selecting them all I see a listing of them and I would like to be able to enter the information in that screen rather than open each item up separately. It would be a great time saver. I think that there used to be a way to do this but it was eliminated with a revision a long time ago. Any work-arounds or thoughts about including this feature? Thanks.

There’s no way (besides AppleScript) to change listings titles at the same time. But most other listing properties should be editable for several selected items once. Just make sure they are all selected in the middle area of the GarageSale window.

Thanks for answering. I know that I can edit multiple listings the way that you described. I am interested in editing items in the inventory section, not the listing section. I would want to be able to go down the listings and change pricing or sku’s, similarly to the way I would edit them if they were in a spreadsheet. I used to be able to do that a long time ago but with the updated versions that feature was eliminated. I would love to have it back. Thanks for listening:)

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