Editing photos directly with Adobe Photoshop

I have GS 8.3 & 8.4 Beta 1 (I have two computers with syncing) and I am using Adobe Photoshop 2021 on both (it is the latest as its about shows 22.5). When I edit an image using Open in External Editor-> Adobe Photoshop 2021, I have to save the file on my computer and replace the image, it does NOT edit the file directly. It works/fails the same way on both computers, @ilja I searched the forums and saw a similar issue with a prior version of GS, was this a regression or is this how Adobe Photoshop now works?

I had 8.4 Alpha 10 and the same problem occurred. @ilja is this a problem with Photoshop or a bug in Garage Sale?

I just upgraded (automatically) to Photoshop 23 from 22.5. The problem has gone away if I don’t create new layers, the problem still exists if I add a new layer. I think the problem is that it must save the file as a .PSD and the one I’m editing came in as a .JPG. @ilja are you aware of any work around?

I did a little more research and it seems to be the PSD file type. I can add (via drag) a .PSD file to GS but when I drag the same image out it is stored as a JPG file on my desktop, but it has the same name as the .PSD file.

Once you add a Photoshop specific feature like layers, Photoshop most likely upgrades your file to its own PSD file format. Thus, all your edits go in the new file, and GarageSale will not notice them, because it only watches the original JPEG file.

There is probably no fix for this issue, as GarageSale does not know when Photoshop switches to a different file and where that file is saved. Even if knew all this, it doesn’t know how to read Photoshop files. Sorry.

Thanks for the update

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