Editing templates

A further question in regards to template design for GS

Once you start redesigning a template in the (let’s face it, a bit crazy) format that GS accepts … How do you get GS to reflect changes you have made to body.html? The only way I have found is to quit and restart GS. Is that the only way!? In the view menu there is a ‘refresh Preview’ … that doesn’t seem to work - should it? if not, what does ‘Refresh Preview’ do?

Also, it seems the templates are limited to using css loaded either at the top of the body.html page or using inline styles … is there any way to make it use a css stylesheet so when designing a template there can be a bit of separation of content and style?

Pretty frustrated with how difficult it is to produce a custom template. Please help … Only just bought this software and already bored of using it and looking for a different solution.

Sorry. Right now restarting GarageSale is the only way to make GS pick up changes you made to your template. I’ll add a note to our to-do list about changing this.
Only way to work around this limitation is to use the [[include]] command (see below).

You can include contents from an external file using the [[include filePath]] command. The downside is, that the filePath has to be an absolute path, like in this example:

[[include “/Users/yourUserName/Desktop/test.css”]]

On the upside, if you change the test.css file, you don’t need to restart GarageSale to see the change.

Hope this helps.