Editor Mode comments

Using GarageSale Version 7.0.14b5 (834), macOS Version 10.12.6 (16G1314)

  1. Editor Mode Description field Text Size is a bit too small. Any chance you can make it a bit larger??

  2. In Editor Mode Description field, why do numbers show up in Blue color, and quoted text show up in Blue color??? All my descriptions are “plain text only”. See 2 photos below.

  3. In Editor Mode, inserting a Text Snippet should insert it at the current cursor insertion point, NOT at the end of all the text.

  4. Editor Mode should have a Context menu “Insert Text Snippet” menu item, like Preview Mode.

  5. In the Images pane, I can already Copy and Paste Images. Please allow me to Cut Images also.

  6. In Editor Mode, I CAN NOT drag-and-drop images from the “image list” to either the Desktop nor the Pages application. I CAN drag an image but dropping it on the desktop or in a Pages document just results in an image zoom-back to GarageSale. In Preview Mode, I CAN drag-and-drop images from the main image or the “image list” to the Desktop or the Pages application.

  7. In Editor Mode, the description field text is cutoff on the right side by the disabled scrollbar, so just auto hide/remove the description text field scrollbar, if it is not needed and disabled. Just like in Preview Mode. And re-flow text so it does not get cutoff when the scrollbar is actually needed and added and enabled.


Shouldn’t be too hard. We’ll try to figure something out.

You might be only using editor mode for plain text, but it’s also meant for entering HTML. The syntax colouring is helpful for people entering HTML.

I don’t see the scrollbar until I’m actually scrolling. Are you perhaps using an USB mouse with scroll bar?

I added all the other points to our todo list.

Any chance you could add a “Don’t convert (Plain Text)” option to the text conversion mode popup menu?? This would show all text in black - without any color highlighting.

I’m using a Logitech simple 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel, and macOS 10.12.6 (16G1314).

You mean, the “blank” scrollbar does not actually show up until there is actually enough text that requires a scrollbar so you can scroll? Just like the photos pane? Where the scrollbar only shows up when there are enough photos so that the scrollbar is required to scroll? This is what I would like. On my system, in the description text pane, the disabled scrollbar is always there. The description text pane scrollbar should hide and show, just like the photo pane scrollbar.

Another text mode would be probably be too confusing. Maybe an option to disable syntax colouring would be more easy to understand.

Does this help?

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