Email Templates not working

When calling up the email template window in dark mode, the text of the email cannot be seen. Also, just about any operation in this window (selecting from drop down, etc.) causes a crash. Also, to call up the window when the orders panel is active, the email icon in the toolbar has to be clicked twice. Using Beta 45 (also happens in 44).


Hi Steve,

we can not reproduce this here. Which macOS version do you use? Additionally, I could not find any crash report, can you please send me the report?

Can you send me the (archived) GarageSale.leveldb file from your GarageSale library? Then I can have a look if its related to your data.

Maybe a screencast would help, too.


Using Mojave. Screen shot and link included. Sent crash report.
[Leveldb link]
(Dropbox - File Deleted)


OK, I tested the panel where you edit the mail templates, not the one where you actually send the mails.

Can you send the crash report via the internal report method (the panel that shows up then you start GraageSale after the crash happens)?


Also, as I am assume that the crash comes from some special values in your Me Card in the Contacts Application, can you send me a (private) message with your exported Me card or a screenshot of it?


hopefully I found the crash. The broken panel should only be a result of the previous crash. Can you please try the following version:


This version took care of it. Thanks.

Previously, I don’t remember allowing access to my contacts on 1st launch. Maybe this is what started the problems. Something for you to check into.
I have used many of the GS8 betas without this problem every showing up.

Thanks again, Steve

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