Empty sales report after deleting auction template


I have a bug for about 1 month.
After sales, I remove my auction templates and then empty the Trash.
And my report become empty!
If I keep these templates, the report is good but I didn’t need to keep these templates.
Before, the reports were well generated from the “orders” tab…

What is going on ?

The reports are generated using the data from your auction templates. Please don’t delete them, if you want to use the Reports feature.

But before I could remove it and had no impact.
This even to upgrade to GarageSale 7.
I find it regrettable to keep unnecessary templates that take up space on the hard disk, for nothing.

I mean the first tab, not the 3rd with cart drawing.
I keep that all orders because I filled the value of the object, the real transport costs, etc …

The architecture changed. The auction objects which held the listing fee information do no longer exist in GS7. The listing fee information is kept in the listing object. Therefore, if you delete your listings, no reports can be generated.

You should be able to recreate your listing by using the “Import from My eBay” command, though.

I did your recommandation and it works.

Thanks for all et for quickly reply !


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