Encountering Error on Relisting Graded Coins & Currency

Still using GS6 and went to relist about 70 items earlier today. Most of them are graded coins and currency. Some relisted with no problem, while all the rest encountered Error 240. Upon trying to just list one of them as a new auction, it appears that the certification information fields are no longer being sent to eBay. What is going on your end that this is happening out of the blue?

I’m seeing this as well. 7.0.4 (779).

UPDATE: Nevermind. Quick bit of research and this appears to be an eBay issue. Just caught me right after I upgraded to 7.0.4.

Yep. Appears to be a more widespread eBay-side problem.

There’s a special help page available for eBay’s “Error 240”:

Regards, Kristian

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