Ending listing pop up

Hello! please see screenshot. Why do i have to give a reason for ending an item?? As on ebay i just click end item and thats that… Dont need a reason

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Screenshot 2022-05-26 at 12.22.28

I just checked and the eBay API GarageSale uses still requires a reason for ending. But I don’t think somebody actually cares what specific reason you are giving…

hiya, oh okay… i was told a few months ago ebay monitor these reasons… so i just do it backwards anyway… by ending it on ebay first.

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Personally I don’t like “item lost or broken” or “No longer available for sale” because people might not look again if you are ending it to refresh the listing. If anyone looks at the reason, “The listing contained an error” and " The start price or reserve price is incorrect" seems better as a reason to end and relist.

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