Error during relisting

it is some weeks that relisting is working fine without problem. This evening I decided to give a look between folder of active listings and I noticed that there was one ended and not active. I did not stop it and GS was showing a sort of error in inspector. I do not how to interpretate it… any suggest? I did not receive any warning… if I didn’t look into that folder, I wouldn’t discover this problem…

Thank you


you can hover over the error icon and there should be a tooltip with an error message. On some error icons you can even push and a popover with the error messages should come up.


Hello @paul , sorry I clicked on the error icon but there are no warnings…

Did you see a tooltip?

Sorry @paul what do you mean with “tooltip” :grin: ? It is like a button, I can click on the warning icon, it becomes darker like buttons do, but nothing happens…

Ah, I see… “internal application error”

Hello @paul have you got any news concerning this?


this is an often discussed error generated by the eBay server. It should get away after some times. Please read here for further information:

In general you should check whether a regular verification of the item still returns this error.


Hello @paul ,
Thank you for reply still at this time. Well, my doubt is that I do not have any error at all, so not 10007… I just found it was not resisted but no errors, no warnings…

This exact thing actually happens to me too on a regular basis with listings that are supposed to automatically relist. The same exact thing. I have to manually re-list these ones, usually 3-5 or more of these happen for every 200 listings that are set to automatically relist.

I also get the “internal error to the application” message occasionally when manually starting or re-listing. It always seems to be a fluke and it lists fine on the second attempt without changing anything.

When this error happens during an auto-restart, maybe GarageSale can automatically make another attempt? One day I hope to let GS handle auto-restarts without making sure I’m home to babysit things. :grin:

Thanks for your continued efforts fixing the little glitches!

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Think an error message is a problem? GS was duplicating every relist 2 times for me. GS said an update would fix. Now it does not restart them at all, even with the check box marked.

With me relisting works fine, I just noticed the same problem of @etb222 , but only for a few items between about 1000…


did this happen with the beta version that @ilja posted a few days ago? Can you reproduce it with this version? You Never answered whether any version did fix this for you…

We have add some more checks in this beta for this. We could never reproduce this here, so could you please test and tell us whether it fixes your issues?


version 7.0.4(799). completely shut down relisting. I have not tried 7.0.5. Every 5 days I have relists come up so I won’t know for 4 days.


you have to tell us things like that (“completely shut down relisting”). How should we know that something is not working if nobody tells us so?

If you still use an old version where this happens, it may happen again. Please try 7.0.5 and tell me whether it fixes the bug.

By the way: why did the version above completely shut down your relisting? Did you mean autorelisting? Are you sure that the running listings still have the flag set?


The auto restart feature to be exact. I saw this blog and added my experience. GS knows of the problem and was working on it and gave me a new version which did not restart the marked listings… I have downloaded the latest 7.0.5 beta version, will not know for 4 days if the problem is fixed.

7.0.5 Beta did Not restart the listing marked for restart. After manual restart the original item was not moved to the deleted items even though it was marked to do so.


are you sure that the autorestart flag was set on the item (and not on one of the already ended listings?

How long did you set the “Update Orders and Listings” setting in the orders preferences? And how long did you wait for the restart after the original item ended?


ended 7:58 am. I restarted at 2:08 pm, so 6 hours ±. One Picture shows the X in the box before ending and not checked after ending.

Set to update every 5 minutes.