Error message when scheduling auctions

Trying to “schedule event” and upload about 10 folders worth of auctions. This is about 300 listings in 10 folders and garage sale shuts down and I get an error message.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 4.10.09 PM

What version of GarageSale and macOS is this?

When reopening GarageSale you should get another prompt asking you to send the crash logs (to us).
Please also let us know your Cash ID that can be found in the “About GarageSale” panel (available in the “GarageSale” menu).

Regards, Kristian

mac 10.13.6
gs 7.0.19

I sent crash log

I think GarageSale 8.4.1 is the oldest version still supported. You need to update to a newer version to get all the log in changes that ebay has done.

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