Error postage policy required

error postage policy required. I suddenly cannot list via garage sale for this message even though I seem to have my postage and returns policy looking on inspector there can any body help me? I can list straight on ebay no garage sale.

It seems eBay wants you to specify a “postage policy” on the eBay website and select that policy in the GarageSale. Since I never heard of the term postage policy, I guess that are referring to a shipping policy.

Once you create such a policy on the eBay website, you can select it from the “Shipping profile” popup at the very bottom of the shipping popover. (Assuming that you are using GarageSale 7).

I have spoken to ebay who say I shouldn’t need to create postage policies to list as it’s optional and haven’t in the past and why it suddenly is saying it needs policies no one can seem to answer. I have not been able to list nearly two weeks and I’m unsure how to resolve. Is it not possible for garage sale to list with out requesting policies? On inspector it’s set to a default postage company and price as it always has been.

Can you post a screenshot showing the exact error message?