Error - set up bank account


Garagesale 9.0.5.

  • I’ve set up a bank account on my ebay-account
  • I’ve also successfully listed an item on ebay
  • I’ve refreshed the token

Garagesale still promps this error. Anything else I can do?

Try to start one listing through the eBay website directly. eBay then hopefully gives you a more specific error message and tells you what to do. Maybe you just have to update credit card details or something like that.

I’ve read about this issue here before so I did the listing directly on eBay but got now error message, everything worked just fine.

Does this error maybe have something to do with the payment option you have selected in your listing? Do you maybe have “Überweisung” selected there?

Thank you Kristian, that was the issue… disabled “überweisung” and then it worked. Seems Ebay is pushing it’s own payment methods…

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