Error setting store category ID


A little bit of an odd this. I have noticed that setting the store primary and secondary categories seems to work for some and not for others.

For example, if i send

set primary store category id of myTemplate to "1776428016"
	set secondary store category id of myTemplate to "2246144016"

The first one succeeds but the second not. I have check and re-checked that the category IDs are correct and that they are available to GS

In this example, 2246144016 is our category for drum heads

I shall try to attach some images for the category ID from ebay and show that it is available in the drop down.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.


Does it work if you omit the double quotes around the store category ids?

No, sadly this doesn’t seem to work. The odd thing is that some categories work and others don’t. Peculiar.
Any other suggestions as to what I could try? I don’t seem to have this issue in GS6. Is there anything different in 7 that could be causing this?


Just a hunch, I’m not sure if this helps at all. I think the older store categories seem to work whereas categories we’ve made more recently don’t. Could that offer any clues?

Does it make a difference if you download your latest store categories by hitting the “Update Account Details” button in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

Regards, Kristian

Sorry, seems there was an error in our AppleScript definition file which caused some AppleScript calls to set the store categories to randomly fail. We’ll be fixed with the next beta release.

Hi Ilja,

That’s great. Thanks for you help.

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