Error when trying to revise a listing: eBay server reported: Sorry, something went wrong. Please wait a moment and try again

Maybe I have just been lucky because I have not experienced that.

I am with you on that one Neal. Works well for me.

You might want to give GarageSale 8 a try anyways. That eBay error might have to do with your shipping options (calculated shipping?). Maybe it’s no longer 100% compatible in GarageSale 7. It’s strange though that you don’t get that error when starting new listings.

Regards, Kristian


Apparently my issue at least, has to do with shipping - I am using version 8.X but I had the problem with 7.X as well.

If I try to “revise” a listing with calculated shipping, the revision fails with that error - If I put in a flat shipping rate, the listing revises fine.

For books where there is a flat shipping rate that’s no problem, but obviously for all other mail services, that won’t work.

For those who are also having this issue, please check your shipping and see if your listing is using “Calculated” or “Flat” shipping - I tried 4 different listings - Whenever the listing was set to ‘Calculated’ I could not revise it. When I changed to “Flat” it revised fine. I even went back and forth with the same listing going from calculated to flat and it failed on calculated and revised fine on flat.

This is a pretty big issue for me at least.


If Muddyshoes scenario is correct, then it is a problem for GS8 as well and upgrading from 7 to 8 will not fix my problem. For me, some listings with calculated shipping revise fine and others fail. I only use calculated shipping and cannot change to fixed shipping across all my listings. So, that is not a solution. Even then, some fail and some do not with calculated shipping. About 1/2 have this problem and the other half do not.
I did try changing a couple that failed to revise to fixed price on shipping and that revealed a new problem. I originally started the listings with calculated shipping. However, the fixed shipping dollar amount was wiped out when I tried to revise and the revision failed with an error about “Inconsistent Shipping Parameters” As I almost never change from calculated to fixed, that is not a problem for me, but it may be a problem for someone else.

That eBay error might have to do with the specific package type you have selected, I am assuming.
Maybe there’re package types that triggers the error while others don’t?

Regards, Kristian

I use “Package/Thick Envelope” for all of my listings and have for years so I’m afraid that’s not it, for me at least. As I said I took 4 listings and switched back and forth multiple times with each. For those listings, the revision failed when shipping was set to calculate, and it revised fine when shipping was set to fixed.

I only use fixed for my book/media listings which account for about 30% of my listings. For the rest I use calculated shipping which I’m guessing is about 50% first-class and 50% Priority mail.

Cal, can you take a couple of your problematic listings and try going back and forth between flat and calculated to see if you are seeing the same thing I see? You may need to stop and restart the listing(s) to get them back into ‘calculated’ mode, but I’m curious if you have the same issue I have.

Kristian, Still having issues - I can also add that if I specify international calculated shipping, even if I have flat domestic USA shipping, I still get the error.

Why would a shipping setting cause the revising to fail?

Ron, I am still having this problem. I am not doing anything differently than I was before the problem started manifesting. I have played around with the calculated and fixed settings and I still cannot revise the ones that fail as the fixed amount gets wiped out in GS when I try to revise.
It is not a universal problem for me. For listings that I have had running for years, I can revise some and cannot revise others. I have the same experience with brand new listings.
I think that there is some problem between GS and eBay rather than the way that we work with GS.

I agree, that it’s something between GS and Ebay… For what it’s worth here is a little about my listings, some of which I’ve had active for years as well.

To start with, I’ve modified about 60 to 75 existing listings over the past few days changing different things that I’ve been wanting to revise and I only get failures when revising listings that have calculated shipping, regardless of the package type.

Now one thing that I don’t use are payment, shipping, or refund/return profiles. Instead, I manually enter in those values. I don’t know if using them would prevent this problem, but I like having the manual option to set those things.

I use one domestic shipping method, either priority, first class or media rate via USPS. I don’t use an international shipping method as I use Global shipping program.

My failed revisions are consistent. If I have calculated shipping I cannot revise the listing. If I have flat shipping, it will revise fine regardless of what other parts of the listing I change.

Do you use payment, shipping, and return profiles or do you set those parameters manually as well?

Hi Ron, I do not use any of the profiles for shipping, returns and payments. I use calculated shipping for almost everything with about 6 items with free shipping. I almost never use flat rate. I did use it on about 15 items about 9 months ago, but I revised them all to calculated shipping about 3 months ago without any problems.
eBay is always changing its looks and settings. I am guess that they made some change that has broken it. I am surprised that more GS users are not complaining. Maybe they do not revise or they are revising listings that do not manifest the problem. Or, it may not be a problem for them. I have about 900 listings, so it is a problem for me. I was thinking about upgrading to GS8 as I like being able to refer to and copy old listings, but if this problem remains, I may just use eBay’s lister and their bulk editor.

This revision problem followed me from version 7 to version 8. I was hoping it would fix it. One of the biggest features I was hoping to upgrade to version 8 for was so I could use two computers and sync between them. The first time I enabled it everything synced fine the first time, but nothing would sync afterward. I have no idea why, but that’s another big problem.

While I generally don’t mind paying a subscription fee, $15/month isn’t that cheap and I don’t know how long version 7.x will work. As you probably know with version 8 you are limited to only 50 new listings a month without having to pay for the Pro version, regardless of whether you use the ‘Pro’ features. We’re kind of boxed in a corner at the moment.

Garage Sale is the most efficient lister I’ve tried to date, but it has some really frustrating bugs. Because most users don’t come to user forums I have no idea how large the user base is and if they are having similar issues or are just doing workarounds.

Kristian, you said you were going to contact Ebay. Do you have any word yet as to why we may be having these issues? We’ll try just about anything at this point.

Ron, No, I have not tried using profiles. I have not had a need for them. I do get them if I import a listing that I created in eBay. I usually remove them, make manual changes and revise them afterwards.
I too would like to have the ability to sync on more than one Mac so that someone else can work on the computer that I am not on. However, without that ability to use one DB or to sync to one DB, it is not worth it to me. I may just have to use eBay’s lister and bulk editor that allows me to edit up to 500 listings at a time. It may work out for me as I have gotten somewhat complicated with my listings and it would be a good excuse to simplify things and make my work easier as well as spreading the work to my helpers. However, I will have to edit the description field one at a time and that is a pain. I may be able to automate it, but I would have check that out.

I started messing with profiles but it looked to be a nightmare to setup and I’d have to touch every one of my 800+ listings so I just abandoned it in hopes that Kristian will get this issue resolved. I’ve started using SKUs and I am starting to indicate in each listing on what shelf or bin an item is so I can retrieve it when it sells.

Syncing involves uploading to a sync server and I have yet to get it working consistently, so for now if I’m working from my computer away from home, I will export the listings into dropbox and then just import them into my main Garage Sale installation at my home office - It’s not ideal but it works consistently.

I would like to involve my wife more in listing but without a reliable syncing functionality I am kind of hampered at the moment.

Can anyone tell me what the update all listings does? I am having to change my handling time on almost 200 auctions and with the revision not working it is a huge pain to select the auctions, make the handling time change, stop the auctions, relist and then delete the originals Not even sure if the update listings will work.

Kristian, Is there any update from Ebay on this revising problem?

Hi. I believe that you are asking about the Update All Listings under the Listings dropdown. That simply updates the status of the listings in GS to reflect the status in eBay. That will not revise your listings. You need to use the Revise option in order to make the changes to running listings on eBay.

Yes, if you can get ‘revise’ to work. - Are you still having issues, Cal?

Hi Muddyshoes. I have been able to revise listings for the last couple of days without a problem. Yay! I have revised a few hundred listings. I don’t know why it is working again, but I will take it. Looks like eBay fixed whatever was giving me fits. How about you, are you still having the problems with revising?

Wow - It looks like it’s working now - Thanks for the heads-up. Whew… Now if it just keeps working everyone will be happy!!