Excluded Locations Ignoring Europe and Australia

Listings I create with only Domestic Shipping options still upload to eBay with Europe and Australia listed as Ship-To locations. How can I specify United States shipping only?

Garage Sale 7.0.7 (795)

Item Listing Link

It seems that international shipping options are still active in your listings. Is there any way you can export and post your listing here (or send it to the GarageSale support)?

Do you have a shipping profile selected, maybe?

Regards, Kristian

Here is the exported listing. Thanks for the quick response!
Listing Export

I had a look at your listing.
Please open the “International” shipping options and remove all “shipping destinations”.

This should do the trick.
Regards, Kristian

That did it. Didn’t even notice those as an option. Thanks again for the quick support!