Export from Woo Import to GS and upload to Ebay. How to?

Hi, the title says it all, will I be able to make it work to export selected products (with many variations) from WooCommerce (Wordpress), then import to GS and upload straight to Ebay?

If yes how would the format need to look like and what else is mandatory apart from SKU? Is XML ok, or has to be CSV? Is there any documentation on the process?

Thanks in advance!

I cannot reply to your question, but why not synching WooCommerce with eBay, then downloading all listings into GS from the app?

Thanks, that would require us to buy a plugin (we got variations, free versions can handle only simple products), or you know of another Plugin that would get the job done?. We were going to check if there is a way to make use of what we got already (GS).

What formats can WooCommerce export? Right now GarageSale can import complete eBay listings in XML format, and rudimentary products in CSV. Here is more information about the file formats:


So, you would probably need some kind of script to transform whatever data you have into a format that GarageSale can read.

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