Export GS 7 database to GS 8

Hello all . . . I just upgraded to GS 8 from GS 7. They are on different computers, Mac OS X. Can I copy the full GS 7 database to GS 8 on the other computer and retain all the folders I have setup for my listings already in GS 7.

How would I do that?
Do I “export listings” and if so does that retain my listings folders?
Or is there another way to copy the database from 7 to 8?

Thank you in advance.

I tried 7 times to start GS8. File was corrupted and would run endlessly for 28 hours. It is supposed to work but not in my case. I kept getting a corrupted file notice. What i finally did was export each folder to the desk top and import into GS8. If you do a multiple folder export/import or try to export all folders they get hopelessly intermingled and you have to sort them out. It took me 8 hours to choose each folder and do an export one folder at a time and import each folder at a time. Create a new folder in GS8 and import into it. I used the same folder names to keep from getting confused. I moved 7,500 listings in 116 file folders

Copy the folder com.iwascoding.garagesale7 from Library/Containers in your home directory from you old mac to the very same place on your new mac.

Make sure you don’t already have an com.iwascoding.garagesale8 in your Containers folder on your new Mac, because you already started GS8 on the you new Mac. If this folder already exists, you need to delete it (if you already created listings in GS8 on your new Mac, export them prior to deleting them).

Once you start GS8, it will check for GS7 container to import before creating a GS8 container.

Worked perfectly!

Thank you very much!

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