Exported Orders CSV do not include Listing Title

I have been a GarageSale user for many years and have depended on the ability to export completed listings (Orders) in a CSV or Tabular report. I use this export to create spreadsheets to track sales for myself and clients.

(The built in reporting service is not sufficient for my needs )

After version 7, The exported Orders does not include the Listing Title.

I would like to be able to export a CSV or Tab file of completed listings (Orders) with at least the following, in a single row, per listing:

Sale Date, SKU, Listing Title, eBay item ID, Sale Price, eBay Listing Fee, Final Value Fee, PayPal fee.

(I use SKU as a unique identifier for one-off items.)

Any chance this capability can be restored?

I just tried it here and for me the export worked fine, including the listing title.
Does it work better for you if you select “Semicolon” in the CSV export options?

Regards, Kristian

Using “Semicolon” as export format worked for some orders, but out of 86 orders exported, 35 had missing titles in the exported file. The title was replaced by a “-“ in the title field.

Other data is missing as well:

The eBay Item ID is also missing from listings with missing titles.

Buyer eMail is missing from some listings that have titles AND missing from listings with missing titles.

I’m not sure if this is related, but some time ago, I had a problem with GS not displaying the entire listing in Preview Mode. The problem was a character used to identify a keyword in the description footer. I think it was a “{“ and should have been “[“.

My guess is that these values aren’t missing but the appliaction you’re using is not able to display them correctly. Maybe there’s a character inside the values that somehow “break” the format.

Regards, Kristian

The Titles are missing from the txt file exported from GS. Using GS 7.0.15.

Any application with which I open the txt file is missing the title. Other data is missing as well.

Could you import one of the orders in question and send the exported CSV to the support, please?
Please select “Semicolon” in the CSV export options.


If you do so, please also send a screenshot of the order in Orders mode.

Taking screenshots is done easily:
Press Command-Shift-4 on your keyboard simultaneously, then select an area with the cursor. It will be saved as an image file on your desktop. Just send me the image file by adding it to the answering mail.

Regards, Kristian

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