Extreme lag when typing in GS 7

Experiencing extreme lag when typing in GS 7. Only when creating the descriptions for my auctions, no lag when typing title field. I have erased many old auctions and deleted trash bin so no old files clog up the program. It’s very bad and difficult to type.

Also when u post a hyperlink the highlighted area changes color and font size. I need the text to be large and colorful so people know a hyper link is there but it’s shrinks to like 15 pt font from 24 pt and changes from blue text to grey. Once done I’m unable to change the color back to blue but I can adjust font size.


can you try to create a sample while you entering the text and GarageSale hangs? Here is an example on how to create samples:


There is no beach ball. When i type it takes up to 10 seconds for the letters i am typing to appear on the screen. They have never appeared instantly (normally) since I have been using GS7. Never had this problem with older versions…


which mode do you use? Editor or preview?

Do you have any special extensions or software installed on your system that helps you entering text?


i only use preview mode but i just tried to type with editor mode and it lags in both. no special extension or software. do u know of anybody else having this problem?

No, I never heard of such an issue before. Did you try to restart your mac? Is typing in other apps faster?

don’t have this problem with other apps and never had with other garage sale versions. previous garage same versions would run slow if u had a lot of old auctions stored but never had a problem with typing, only when u would try to click on something and cleaning out old files would fix it. if i had to type a lot i absolutely wouldnt be able to use this app. the more u type, the slower it is.

We still would need a few “sample” files, to see what’s going on your Mac within GarageSale, event if the late is too short to see the beachball. Here’s what to do:

  1. Launch GarageSale if you don’t have it already running
  2. Please your cursor in a text field, where you noticed the lag while typing
  3. Open the Activity Monitor application (under /Application/Utilities)
  4. Select GarageSale from the list of running applications in Activity Monitor
  5. Now do something you are pretty sure that will cause the beachball to come up for several seconds
  6. Chose “View” menu > “Sample Process” (Activity Monitor will probably ask you for an admin password at this point)
  7. While the sample is taken, switch back to GarageSale quickly and type something (the sampling process only takes a few seconds, so you have to hurry up to generate some helpful data)
  8. Save the sample output into a file and send it to us

It would be best if you would go through the process 2 or 3 times, in case you are missing the narrow time window where the sample is taking while typing during the first run.

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