Failure with Multiple Listing in Garage Sale Display Mode

Garage Sale Version 6.9.8 (632)

Having followed the various descriptions of Variation Listings, I have added Variations in Inspector ‘advanced’ tab and completed Products and Attributes, with Images, descriptions, prices, etc. including Brand & Style plus Values.

This is not reflected however, in Preview Mode.

No Variations displayed, No Quantity, No Boxes; despite Images portrayed in Auction Preview and in Description, in keeping with the Template selected (Dashboard Theme, using Thumbs Left.

Variations seem to be supported in eBay but not in Garage Sale.

What am I missing ??

The preview feature in GarageSale 6 never displayed variation information, if I recall correctly.

GarageSale 7’s preview does show more information about your variations, but it’s not nearly showing all the information that are shown on the eBay website.

Have you given GS 7 a try yet?

Hi Ilja,
Is GS7 compatible with OSX 10.9.5 or will an OS Update be necessary ??

GarageSale 7 requires Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11 or macOS 10.12.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian,

Will this address / solve the original question re: Failure with Multiple Listing in Garage Sale Display Mode (Garage Sale Version 6.9.8)


If you want a preview that shows your variations exactly as on the eBay’s website, the answer is no. If a preview that tells you on first glance that variations are active, then the answer is yes for GarageSale 7.

Hi Ilja,
To clarify, for my benefit:
If I update to Garage Sale 7, my Auction Preview will NOT show my Brand, Style, Quantity and Price but, the eBay Listing WILL show this.
Have I understood this correctly ??
Can I ‘list’ a Temporary Product on eBay to ‘test’ and ‘see’ this in action ??
(some explanation as to How this can be done would be helpful).

Sorry, test driving is not really possible on eBay. But there used to be a “Testing” category somewhere.

I attached screenshots of the GarageSale 7 preview and the variation panel:

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