Feature request: Packing Slips

I’d like to revisit the idea of packing slips which could be printed to accompany our orders, perhaps with a photo of the item and customizable text blocks, i.e. “Thank you for your purchase.” etc.

It could be an option to auto-print after printing shipping labels or print on-demand.

A bonus feature might be the option of generating a QR code that would direct the customer to the page where they can leave feedback for the purchase.

Thanks in advance.

I think that would be a great idea, some way of printing shipping labels and invoices.

I use a brother label printer that works great and save me much time. The only inconvenient thing is that copying and pasting from GS into the printer editor is not very practice. I already asked about this in an old thread, but it was forgot and receive no answer. A button that copy complete address (like highlighting it and pressing cmd-c) would be much appreciated. Besides now the address and name of customers are separated, and it is very inconvenient when copying. Any further solution to print invoices would be great, but I see it will be something much more complicated than just a button that copy the address and might be a solution for a future version…

Packaging slips are on the list for GarageSale 8.

We won’t do invoices for now, because getting the details right for every country is very hard. We’d rather integrate with another Mac invoice solution. If you are using any such product, please let us know.

Hi ilja

Thanks for the response.

Can I ask if some kind of stock management will be implemented? Few examples below.

Supplier details and database?

Purchase orders creation?

Stock On order? /movement etc?

Low stock warnings?

Also do you have a list of new features for gs8? Would be interesting to see! Can’t wait to upgrade.

Many thanks


Since we are still with GS 7.0 I guess the 8 won’t be here soon, anyway some info would be very glad. Until now I am not using a specific application for invoices, but would be happy to discover something new and in particular I would totally love a solution integrated with GS (so I don’t have to manually full an invoice on another application). For now there would be some question other than invoices and slips feature I would like to send @ilja … like synch … !!!

Sorry, none of these will be in GS 8, at least initially. There is another big system change coming to eBay this summer, and GarageSale has to be compatible with it. We can’t add more features, otherwise we risk no meeting this deadline.

Which one @ilja :cold_sweat: ??

Phase 2 of the “Product-Based Shopping Experience”:


Mmmh to complicated, the only thing I understood is that is won’t be on it site, so it’s ok for now

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