Feature request: print forms

i mentioned this in one of “Beta” topics but got no answer. this thing is deal breaker for me so i had to post this topic.

please add possibility to construct (or import from xls) custom printing forms (shipping labels, customs declarations, invoices). this is very important when selling NOT from US.
99,99% of my sales are export so i had to print many documents and custom shipping labels. i think not only me selling from outside of US where usps labels not available. it is real pain to use several online services. i want to stick with one software. GS has already all info for printing such documents. only appropriate module needed.

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This is partly on the to do list, but it will not make in the 7.0 release. We freelanced on an invoicing application for OS X a while back, and invoicing by itself is a very complicated topic, as are shipping labels and custom forms. We are already having a hard time implementing and maintaining the core functionality as quickly as we’d like to.

I can see GarageSale in the future print delivery slips with a layout determined by us, but for the other kinds of documents, we’d rather

  • interface with an existing software
  • export orders into either CSV (that’s on our TODO for GS 7.0), XML or JSON format and let the user run his own tools on that data.

Hope this makes some sense.

I am missing shipping support, too. To me it looks like there is all data available, but a print button is missing…

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