Feature Request - Sorting Templates by Status

Hello - a feature request for version 7 - SORTING TEMPLATES BY STATUS.

We can sort templates alphabetically but what would be amazing, and something I’ve always wanted since first using GS many years back, is the ability to sort templates by their Status (in other words by their highlight color: Green, Yellow, Red, Grey etc).

Why would this be useful? For example, say you have 1000 templates, half of which have running auctions, the other half not. You want to bulk edit or start the non-running templates, but they’re mixed up with the active ones. The only option is to option click your way through the list selecting each one. This is very tedious and time-consuming, and once a certain amount of templates have been selected it really starts to slow down and lag, so clicking to select another template can involve a 1-2 second delay.

Simple solution, allow sorting by template status so all templates can be selected in one big shift click.

Many thanks

This would save me a few seconds every week. I would also appreciate this capability.


Concur as well. Would be a helpful feature.

Has there been any further development of this? I agree 100% with Michael_Tompsett. If one of the major functions of GarageSale is to handle bulk listings, how is this not already a feature? Going through the list of templates one by one and selecting just the auctions that have a certain status is exactly the type of thing that a “turbolister” is supposed to eliminate. Its become such a problem for me that I’ve resorted to simply selecting all auctions, starting the auctions, then letting Ebay reject the auctions that are duplicates - not a good strategy. But, without the no-brainer sort feature, there’s no other way tom avoid the tedious one-by-one picking and choosing. C’mon guys, get this going.

I would like to revive this topic, since it would be a helpful feature for GS8.

That is: In the list view of ~5000 listings, the left column is “Status”, but has no sortable header. I would like to please have the sorting turned on, in the same way we can “Sort by state” in the left pane.

And yes, I see there are filters in the popup at the top right of the list view. I would prefer to sort, if possible, as well.

I think what you’re all looking for is already implemented with smart groups. Status is one of the fields that is available for smart groups, so it’s actually very easy to create a smart group that shows all active templates and then bulk edit in there.

The approach above works only for all templates. If you use groups and want to sort only templates in a particular group for bulk editing, you can sort by “remaining time” instead. This also puts all active items in the list view of that group next to each other.

LOL. See the other bug report filed.

But in general: The existence of some way to solve a problem is not a suitable argument for there not being another way. And the presence of sortable headers on every other column in the table is an argument for there being one on the Status column as well.

I don’t think I can see your bug reports. And my messages were simply meant as help to achieve what you’re aiming for (bulk editing without endless ctrl-clicking) with the existing software features. For me, the smart group approach works very well for years already. If you prefer to insist to ask for a way that seems better implemented to you, feel free to do so, I keep on using what’s available and working for me meanwhile :wink:


When I click on that link, I get “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

In any case, in GS7 sorting by remaining time seems to work (I have no plans to upgrade to GS8), smart groups certainly work.

I’m sorry, I definitely meant to make it clear that I was asking that this feature be added to GS8, which I am upgrading to right now.