Find and Replace is grayed out

GS7 … I have selected multiple listings (highlighted) and the Find from the edit menu is grayed out, I tried to just select one listing, nope still grayed out. I also tried to select and highlight text in the description of a listing and still the Find feature is grayed out from the menu bar. How do I fix this important feature?

A Find and Replace function is currently not supported but on the to do list.

In Editor mode if you click into the text field the find and replace command gets selectable.

Regards, Kristian

Have you tried to setup a Smart Group??

I use this to search multiple listings by just changing what I’m searching for each time.

You can also use the Search field on the right-hand side of the Toolbar to search multiple fields in listings.

24 AM

Thank you yes I use those searches but what I need to do is Replace same wording/sentences in multiply listings all at once in bulk. To edit each listing (1000’s) that have the same sentience for one word would take FOREVER without “Find and Replace”. GS6 had it and I used it all the time for quick edits in all listings. It also works for html code which was very helpful when ebay makes rules about which code will not work anymore. I can use the find and replace to delete from multiple listings as well. I need that feature back. I don’t understand why it’s not working in GS7/ or programed into 7 yet? That’s a very important feature.

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