First image is duplicated in body, then image will not load error?

  1. Today while preparing several listings, the images will only load into the body and the first one duplicates. Then the listing fails to load the image.

Yesterday, this was not a problem. Any ideas how to fix this?

  1. Would like to stay with Garage sale 7.0 to avoid subscription fees and image costs. Can i even do this any longer?

Using Garage Sale 7.0.16. I do not use an image service that I am aware of ( at least I do not pay for one) I do not sell on ebay full time, just several time a year.

thank you kindly for any help.

Is this an issue with GarageSale’s preview before listing, or with the eBay page after the auction has been listed?

Please update to Garagesale 7.0.20. There was a breaking API change that causes earlier versions to crash.

If i can get pictures into the design layout they become duplicates. I have upgrade to 7.0.20. and now I can not load any images at all. Preferences are set to use Garage sale free service.

SO this means I can NOTuse Garage sale to upload ANY listings at all. HELP!

Can you post a screenshots (cmd-shift-4) or even create a screen video what exactly is happening on your Mac?

What does cannot load mean? Do images not show up in GarageSale’s preview, or won’t they show up on the started eBay listing?

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