Flash Player quit unexpectedly

Lately, I’ve been getting the following error message from Garage Sale:

Flash Player (GarageSale Internet plug-in) quit unexpectedly.

This is starting to happen a lot. Any ideas what is going on with this? Thank you!

Seems you are looking at eBay listings, which embed some kind of Flash component in their HTML. This Flash component causes the Flash plugin installed on your Mac to crash.

Have you checked that you are using the most recent version of the Flash plugin under System Preferences > Flash?

I’m getting the same thing, once I upload or update a listing. Flash Player quits from the eBay preview page. Once I return to template, I no longer have this problem. I have the latest version of Flash Player installed (v18 as at August 6, 2015). Flash Player still crashes.

I guess you embed some poorly programmed flash widget in your listings description (or your default footer). I suggest you contact the vendor of that flash widget and tell them about the incompatibility with the Flash plugin on OS X.