Fonts bug - restores to arial

i’m experiencing problems with text formatting: font is very often “restores” to arial and line spacing - to 1.5

this also was in GS6 but not such often.

I take advantage of this discussion to introduce another problem I have concerning fonts.
First of all, to be honest I have to say that also in GS 6 I had many troubles with text formatting, it is GS’s weak point from my point of view. I noticed this matters:

  1. exactly what Mr_Sandman says

  2. when I paste a text from another phrase (so not from internet or another page with different formatting) it is light grey although it was black before

  3. this is the strangest thing, finally I discovered the matter. I have this kind of paragraphs:

DESCRIZIONE: lorem ipsum bla bla…

FORMATO: lorem ipsum bla bla…

CONSERVAZIONE: lorem ipsum bla bla…

Then, I delete “lorem ipsum bla bla…” and I start writing another phrase. Almost every time I write a word with ’ (apostrophe) the first bold word automatically becomes normal (without bold). It is quite annoying since it is the same every time I write a word like " all’angolo " or " can’t ". I made a screenshot to explain it:

Thank you for any help

oh, here is my another 5 cents:

when i’m doing copypaste with cmd+с -> cmd+v i get strange result each time. like text with shadow and bold style. so i can’t use this shortcuts. each time i had to use mouse for copypaste which is much slower.

This is my point number 2. I did not try with mouse…

Using the command “Paste and Match Style” from GarageSale’s EDIT menu might work better if you’re trying to paste formatted text.

Regards, Kristian

we just want to use standard cmd-с cmd-v combo which is fast and intuitive. i think you as a programmer knows it better than me :slight_smile:

There is a fast shortcut for that command as well. It’s worth a try.

If you want fined grained control about your description’s layout and formatting, I suggest you try out Markdown our HTML modes in Editor mode.

These modes require some learning, but it once you got settled in, they might be a quicker alternative to the preview mode for you.

thanks for tip. but i do not want to spend time to learn coding again (html was many years ago in my life :slight_smile: i want to concentrate on marketing and financial part of my business.