Garage Sale 6.9.7 and Mac OS Sierra

Hi, are there any users out there that are using Garage Sale 6.9.7 successfully witt the Mac OS Sierra ?

I am thinking of upgrading to Sierra but do not want to upgrade to Garage Sale 7 at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

You should be using GarageSale 6.9.8 instead. Lot’s of bug fixes compared to 6.9.7.

Thanks, how do I update that ? Also does it work with Sierra ?


It depends on where have you bought GarageSale from.

Did you purchase GarageSale from Apple though the Mac App Store, or directly from iwascoding?

I bought from the app store. can you help ?

I guess that means, you don’t see the 6.9.8 release in the Updates tab of the Mac App Store?

No, have just checked and it didn’t come up on the list of available updates. I am running Mavericks. Does that make a difference. If not, how can I get the update ?

Okay, this is probably our fault. We tried to remove GarageSale 6 from sale in the Mac App Store in such a way, that would allow us to ship updates to existing customers. Apparently that hasn’t worked out. I flipped a few checkboxes, which will hopefully make version 6.9.8 appear as an update within the next 24 hours.

That is very kind, thank you. I still need to know if 6.9.8 will work with Sierra ?

Yes, it should work, but direct drag and drop of images from the Photos app is broken. You have to use the media browser window in GarageSale, or drag images from Photos to the Desktop first.

OK thanks that is good news. At the moment I drag and drop photos from my personal folders within a “finder” window. Will that still work ? If not, will the issue be fixed soon ?

thanks again.

This should still work. Only drags directly from Apple’s photos application are causing trouble.

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