Garage Sale 6 hangs when I try to create a new folder... dont know why

Hi, Garage Sale 6 hangs when I try to create a new folder… dont know why…

I simply right clicked to create a new folder for more auctions… the beach ball goes round and does not stop.

only way out is to force quit.

Any clues how to stop this would be appreciated

Regards, Sandy,

Which version of GarageSale 6 are you using, and what version of macOS?

When GarageSale is hanging, do you see anything logged from GarageSale in the Console utility (under /Application/Utilities) ?

Also, during the hang, can you run the “Sample Process” command on GarageSale from the Activity Viewer?

Hi, when it hangs the beach ball goes round, and nothing else within GS will work, except I can click and hold on the header, and the window will move around the mac screen… nothing else. every other program in the background still works and can be selected and run… Regards, Sandy

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