Garage Sale 9 license

Please explain the listing limitations on the Garage Sale 9 single user license. Is it 50 listing uploads or 50 listing starts?

Do automatic restarts of active good until canceled listings count against this allotment?

What happens if one attempts to upload more than 50 listings in a month?

I know this price structure has been active for a while. It’s the reason I chose not to upgrade from Garage Sale 7. I think 100/month would be a better limit for perpetual license versus subscription. I doubt you can discuss it here, but I wonder how many people have stopped using GS altogether since this change.

Thank you,
Sarah Perdue

• All starts and relists from within GarageSale count towards the limit but not the automatic restarts of GTC listings made by eBay.

• When you have reached the limit and try to make another upload, you’ll get an error message from GarageSale.

• What might work for you is to go with the license and to subscribe to GarageSale Pro only for the months you need to start more than 50 listings. Canceling the subscription is just one button click in the GarageSale preferences > Pro:

Thank you.

Very grumpily upgrading to 9. As others have said, it would be great if you increased the number of monthly listings.


Or perhaps add a calendar with the user selecting the time range they want to purchase a pro account which is auto cancelled according to the rules set by the user.

Having the subscription automatically continue is too much like eBay’s highly dishonest policy of getting rid of 30 day listings and forcing people to use GTC that they must manually cancel. Does not the Pro version have a auto cancellation of GTC listings so why are you not doing the same for Pro subscriptions?

Upgraded to the non Pro version only.

In the U.S. users are given 250 listing per month without insertion fees. Does not make sense to list more than 250 items per month as paying eBay insertion fees has been a waste of money for years. Does not make sense to pay $14.95 a month to list an additional 200 items. You can host your own website for less than that and not have your items hidden by eBay.

I’ll simply move more inventory elsewhere. For example; I’ll be taking 40 framed prints, paintings and collectible wood crates to a large consignment gallery in a much larger city with one of the state’s universities, which attracts visitors from around the world. The consignment shop will take 40%, but they will store the items for nearly half a year and do the sale work. These are all items I’ve obtained at various estate auctions and garage sales for $.50, $1.00 or $2.00 as I live in a rural area. For example; buying a antique railroad crate full of 1920s magazines for $5.00 at a auction where few people showed up. Locally we have a large lake where tourists vacation and which has antique consignment shops.

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