Garage Sale changing fonts and glitches with bullet points

I’ve noticed a minor glitch with Garage Sale that has been present since an earlier version of the program. I am currently using version 7.0.3 (with a small update for the changing titles - I was surprised to see how fast Garage Sale’s team fixed the bug I made a previous post about so I figured I might as well bring this issue to light).

For some reason when I change the listing font it will revert back to the previous font making it so that I have to change it multiple times before it will stick.
I have also experienced issues with the bulleted lists where the space between each one is not uniform, but if I try to remove the bullets and reapply them it will copy all of the text and paste it in between the list.

Hopefully this will make it on the list of things to straighten out in the next version! Thanks for all the help!

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