Garage Sale crashed - now acting like this is my first time opening

Please help. I’ve using garage sale for almost 2 years. Updated to the recent version about a week ago. All of sudden my pictures started disappearing and now when I attempt to open it, it is acting like this is the first time I have ever opened the software. I have no idea where my license code is anymore and my biggest concern is where will all of my information be (templates, etc.)…or will they be gone. I always feared this. I hope something can be done. Thank you.

If you recall having received a license code, you most likely have been using the version from the iwascoding website (and not the version from the Mac App Store).

This version stores its data in your home directory under Library/Application Support/GarageSale. This folder should contain an AuctionImages directory and a GarageSale.sqlite file, which contains your listing information. If these file are very small or empty, it’s worth looking through your backups for previous versions.

You can retrieve your license code from this page: