Garage Sale not working, no templates no welcome page etc

So I switched computers and ever since I did Garage Sale doesn’t work. When I opened Garage Sale the first time it didn’t actually open. Then the second time it opened but no windows opened (i.e. no splash screen or welcome page). I try clicking new listing and nothing happens. I tried deleting everything and just opening a fresh version of the software and still have the same issue. I have my Garage Sale 7 “Container” I moved from my old machine, but nothing is getting updated.

Using MacOS Sierra 10.12.2
Garage Sale 7.0.5 (783)

Also whatever account info this is using is incorrect. From Window I clicked Show Accounts, and it shows the correct eBay account name, but it says “Active Listings: 15” While in actuality I have 81 auctions active today.

Have you already re-freshed your eBay account tokens from the Preferences panel? These aren’t moved to a new Mac when copying GarageSale folder from Library/Containers.

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