Garage Sale says I am not listed as Ebay Seller or have used up my quota

I just started with Garage Sale, I setup everything and created my first listing, but I am getting an error message that I am not signed up as a Seller or that my quota is used up.

I don’t understand. On Ebay I can simply log into my account and just click on “sell” and start making a listing. I have 300 listings left this month. But when I try that from within Garage Sale, I get the error.

I don’t understand why Garage Sale thinks that I am or want to be a professional seller of some kind. Where does it get that information from? Why can’t I just add a listing? It works fine when I’m on Ebay itself.

Thanks for any input

Did you insert the token (password and username) in preferences>account>ebay ?

Hello fedege96, thanks for the feedback.

When I log into Ebay from Preferences/account/ebay, I get a warning message that says

“your account is not eligible to list items on eBay. Please set up a seller account on the eBay website”


Then for some reason it pulls in all ebay information, including my ebay name. So I am logged in, but for some reason my account is seen as one where you can’t sell anything. Even though, I thought EVERY eBay account could sell something.

And when I log into that account on the eBay Site and start creating a listing, I can do so without a problem.

I just wanted to save myself the trouble and have a software help me, but if Garage Sale somehow doesn’t recognize my account I guess I will have to add listings “the normal way” through Ebay. Bummer.

Not if you have private account (hidden feedback), or if you have a new account and less than 3 months, if I am not wrong; in this last case you cannot list on international ebay site. I don’t know if these are your situation. Anyway you don’t need any specific account to list with GS. Practically, when you start a listings within GS, what does it say?

My account is not hidden or new. It’s a normal account. I did create the listing I wanted to do in Garage Sale now on Ebay itself without a problem, from the same account.

I can create a listing in Garage Sale as well, but when I hit “Start” I get an error message stating that I have no quota left this month or I am not signed up as a seller.

I don’t know where Garage Sale gets that information from. On Ebay, it all looks and works like a regular account and I can create listings and everything. Strange.

Tomorrow you will receive support by GS team, but in sounds to be an issue with the token, in my opinion.

That eror message is returned by the eBay system.
Could you post a screenshot so we can see what you see?

How many feedback points does your account have and is it older than 90 days? The eBay system acts diffferently if you use a third party tool to start listings. Due to eBay requirements your account must be older than 90 days and have more than 9 feedback points.

It might also be that eBay blocked your account from using a third party tool OR limited your quota if you use a third party tool. Only the eBay support can check this for you.

Regards, Kristian